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oh no...

it seems not meant to be that i can get through this day without becoming EVEN MADDER.

i subscribe to the BBC america version news updates, and see on my livejournal friends page little snippets of news... a headline, a URL, and a quick abstract of the story.

here is one i just saw:

Penis severed in domestic quarrel


A woman cuts off her estranged husband's penis during a row before being stabbed to death, in the German city of Kassel.


and i clicked on the link, and i read the story.

what really steams me about this? the MOST IMPORTANT THING ABOUT THIS STORY (which is what the headline is intended to convey, no?) is that a man's penis was cut off. it was subsequently reattached but THE WOMAN DIED because the temporarily castrated man STABBED HER TO DEATH. that's just incidental, though... the big deal here is that DEAR LORD A MAN'S PENIS MAY NOT BE ABLE TO FUNCTION PROPERLY EVER AGAIN.

can we get past the penis, please? a woman is DEAD! that's less important than the severed penis?!
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