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damn those women!! tempting men is EVIL!!!!

this feels to me like the first step in the continuum that blames women for rape... (she dressed sexy therefore she gave up the right to choose whether or not she wanted sex)...

according to BBC News, china has banned women from wearing "sexy" attire if they hold jobs as civil servants. from the article:
Women have been asked to refrain from wearing revealing tops and leggings as well as too much jewellery at work, state media report.

They should "dress in a serious, proper, simple and natural way".


The clothes must not be "avant-garde and ostentatious", the regulations announced by the Zhejiang provincial archives bureau say.

Nor should they be "too thin and tight or showing the under-garments".

damn those women! too much jewelry attracts too much attention. being fashion-conscious (wearing something "avant-garde") is JUST PLAIN WRONG! women should be subserviant, and in fact, barely noticed, because they are there to perform a JOB not attract any sort of undue attention!

what about the men? why aren't the men being asked not to be too "avant-garde" in their fashion choices? what if they wear really garish ties - that is not a problem, i guess. and you certainly don't have to worry about men dressing in a way that is "too sexy," because, well, other men don't find it bothersome.

now. i can understand cracking down and ensuring that everyone dresses *professionally* but why are only women the focus of this effort?

don't even get me started on the second half of the article. oh, too late, i'm already started.
The report also recommended women should adopt manners in line with their professional positions.

"They should use elegant language, avoid rude words and must not in any case use dirty or strange words," it said.

"When they receive guests or speak on the phone, they must say 'please' and 'thank you'," the report said.

again - i agree that all people should be professional at work; all people should avoid rude words when dealing with the public, and should be aware of using the words "please" and "thank you." there is entirely too little politeness and civility in the public service domain. HOWEVER... why are only WOMEN being asked to be aware of these things? shouldn't men also avoid using nasty language, and ensure their use of polite words? can anyone honestly believe that the men have been behaving and dressing professionally this entire time, never so much as the slightest infraction, while the women have been slutting it up and talking like sailors?

my argument with the reported rules of this article is that the implication is that women are supposed to be very narrowly inside their correct "gender role"... they should be polite and never act like a man by cursing, but they shouldn't go too far with the feminine stuff and start dressing in a provocative manner.


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