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can i get a "hell no" ?

do we really need to re-establish WHY there are age of consent laws in the first place? HELLO POWER IMBALANCE, for one thing. for another thing, psychology shows that young people's brains are not physically developed to make complex decisions. this is an ability that forms late in teen years. at any rate, why ANY island would want to have a "tradition" of 12 and 13 year old girls being subject to sexual behaviour up to and including intercourse is beyond me. we're not talking about "native people" with 1000s of years of traditions that mean white people are being ethnocentric towards and imposing their culture upon, either - we are talking about people originally from england.

i'm referring to the issues on pitcairn island, a small island in the south pacific, where 1/2 the adult male residents now stand accused of rape or other sexual "indecency" charges. another group of men, former residents of the island, are supposed to go to trial next year for the same accusation.

i was reading about this here in case you wanted to see a news story.

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