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there is a video game company called topheavy studios, which has released a game called the guy game. it's supposed to be a bit like you don't know jack (a trivia game) except that the guy game is "a trivia game that rewards your trivia knowledge with live footage of college girls' breasts." (their emphasis). (gotta love that article, btw, with its comparing this game to other recent games by saying "none are as hell bent on showing you the female mammary gland as much as this new one" and headings such as "Gameplay, Boobs and Sound").

But the guessing that really counts is takes place on the Flash-O-Meter. Unlike your ordinary trivia game, you also have to bet on whether the Hottie knows the answer. Remember now, this game is about showing boobs (or at least teasing you in the process). The Guy Game doesn't just test your trivia knowledge, it tests the average college chick's trivia knowledge. By guessing the Hottie's answer correctly, you'll move up the indicator on the Flash-O-Meter. This adds that little wrinkle of randomness to make this game work, and of course, it works to show off more female flesh.

You can finish a chapter of The Guy Game without moving the Flash-O-Meter from Level 1's "Soft and Squishy" to Level 3's "Super Stiff," but that's missing the point. Each time a hottie misses an answer, she flashes her boobs. When the Flash-O-Meter is low, at level 1, you'll see her flash her boobs, covered with the Guy Game logo. When it's at level 2 ("Sorta Chubby"), you'll see pixilated boobs. And finally, when you've moved up the meter to level 3, you'll see the Hottie's breasts each time she guesses wrong. You'll also see your cheerleader's boobs, too. That's the peculiar "genius" of the Flash-O-Meter.

Oh, a side game that we came up with here at IGN is to guess which Hottie likes to show her boobs. Some are really shy, while others literally push them together and flop them wildly into the camera. Sometimes it's the big-breasted girl who's shy, while the small-tittied woman wins the crowd over with her enthusism and, erm, flair. In either case, we'll always vote for enthusiasm. Always.

from a feminist perspective, it's obvious how much is WRONG with this game. we could take hours to discuss it. there's a new issue, though, that has arisen, and that's what brought my attention to this whole debaucle to begin with: a young woman who was 17 at the time the game was created is now suing topheavy studios, its parent company, Sony, and Microsoft. her lawsuit claims that since she was 17 at the time of the game's being filmed, she was legally unable to enter into a contract and therefore unable to consent to being filmed. a judge has filed a temporary injuction to stop distribution of the game.

according to the article,
The reasons stated for the lawsuit are that the plaintiff has suffered humiliation, embarrassment, and shame since the release of the game. According to the lawsuit the "plaintiff is still a teenager and wishes to attend college, develop her career and be active in her community and church."

should a teenager have the ability to sue a company because she was 17 at the time she participated in something embarrassing? what about all the 18 and up women involved in the game - unable to sue on this technicality. when the teenaged girl made the decision to sign the contract (which she either knew was not binding because of her age and didn't care, or didn't know but still didn't care), she gave permission. not that i agree with what she gave permission to do, not that i think it was a wise decision or one that particularly helps out the feminist cause, but she still made that decision.

what i'm wrestling with is my feelings about the age of consent with regard to sexual intercourse. i think it's absolutely appropriate to have strict age of consent laws and to prosecute offenders. i think the allowance many states have made for people of similar age (for example, i believe california states that adults within two years of a minor's age may legally engage in sex with the minor as long as the minor provides consent - in other words, if there was rape, it would not be statuatory rape) are appropriate as well - if a 17 year old and an 18 or 19 year old have a sexual relationship, the law should mind its own business. so if a 17 year old can choose to have sex with a person over age 18, and the 18 year old not be prosecuted for statuatory rape, shouldn't a 17 year old be allowed to give permission to show her breasts to people, should she feel the urge?

i'm wrestling with my feelings of wanting to protect children from being sexualized (and very much hating the idea of this the guy game in general) versus my feelings that this young woman made an informed decision and patriarchy may be bullying its way into protecting her based on masculine ideals that women need to be protected from themselves...

anyone have any more coherant thoughts than i do? (or any thoughts, i'll take any...) =)

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