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Every once in a while, something is just over the top...

There's nothing on the internet about this at all, nothing that Google can find anyway. I'm shocked that I'm the first person to write about it. Surely, there are other feminists in Australia.

In Australia, Target is airing a commercial for a "Massive bra sale." Let me describe it for you:

Several women are playing soccer. A team scores a goal. The women on the team are so excited, that just as the announcer for the commercial says "Massive bra... (sale)," the women pull the shirts that they are wearing up in front of their faces so that their entire heads are obscured by their shirts and the bras underneath are exposed. In the plot of the commercial, this is supposedly how they are celebrating the goal that just was scored. Now the women are bumbling and stumbling into each other, and rightly so because they cannot see anything at all with their shirts over their eyes. There are no women with any faces left - all are headless, dancing with their breasts jiggling in their skimpy bras. At the end of the commercial, they have formed a congo line and are dancing, still jiggling, still with their heads covered by their shirts. One must only assume they grabbed blindly at each other to form this congo line...

This commercial disgusts me. Who is the intended audience? Certainly, it's not women, who are likely the potential purchasers of underwear and bras for themselves. This is Target we're talking about, not Victoria's Secret. So the commercial is there simply to create eye candy for men who want to see breasts jiggling?

I used to love Target. Target has been my favorite store to buy all manner of items, including clothing, for years, because their prices are in range with what I can afford and the quality is decent. Just so you know how I feel about Target, or did, before I saw this commercial...

Now I want to tell Target that I won't shop there any more. Now I want to tell them that I'm so offended and angry because of their "commercial" (soft porn) that I won't give them any more of my retail dollars. Will it even make a difference?

UPDATE: Contact information:
Target Australia Pty Ltd
(ABN 75 004 250 944)
12-14 Thompson Road
North Geelong
Vic 3215
Phone: (03) 5246 2000 (Outside Australia: +613 5246 2000)

Customer Relations Team
Toll Free (within Australia) on 1800 814 788 weekdays, between 9.00am and 5.00pm AEST. Or if you prefer, write to our free mail address:
Target Customer Relations
Reply Paid 11
PO box 41
Nth Geelong VIC 3215
Or alternatively click here to download a PDF (184kb) of our Reply Paid Customer brochure.
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