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Maureen Dowd hates women

Op-Ed Columnist: Torture Chicks Gone Wild

Bug me Not

As if the title of the article doesn't already speak volumes about Ms Dowd's point of view...

She pretends that she's writing from a liberal standpoint, and then all she does is denigrate women and hint that Bill Clinton's a pretty bad guy too.
She's making it sounds as though torturing the men was all the women's idea. She's making it sound as if those poor officers were somehow wrapped around the finger of the vicious women interrogators and that's why they couldn't manage to stop the "women gone wild." And she's claiming that Bush lost his integrity but there's no teeth behind what she's saying but at the end she threw in that Bill Clinton is an idiot because he was seduced by a thong in the Oval Office. Note that Ms Dowd never hints that Mr Bush is being duped or seduced by thongs or wicked women - in fact you pretty much get the impression that she thinks he's a pretty stand-up guy and would look great if it weren't for these rogue female interrogators who clearly went off on their own scary tactics without permission or knowledge of the (for sure male) officers.
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