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"all that sexual equality means is men don't have to give up their seats on the bus and have to make an attempt at washing up before asking for a blow job"

this isn't a group of women moaning about men

this is about

5% politicians being female
10% QCs being female
10% journalists being female
30% doctors being female

the fact that there are 20+ derogatory sexual terms for a woman, none for a man

that domestic violence accounts for one third of all violent crimes

one in twenty women over the age of 16 have been raped

one in four women will suffer from domestic violence at some point in their life

every week two women are killed by their partner

women own 1% of world property

women earn 10% of world income

depsite the equal pay act a woman in a manual job will recieve 73% of the salary a man would recieve for the same work

depsite the equal pay act a woman in a professional job will recieve 68% of the salary a man would recieve for the same work

it was only in 1991 that it rape within marriage was made illegal

EVERY WOMAN will be a victim of sexual discrimination at some point in her life

this is why

if you do you're easy
if you don't you're frigid
if you try you're desperate
if you leave you're cold
if you stay you're clingy
if you cry you're hormonal
if you shout you're unreasonable
if you work you're boring
if you marry you're co dependent
if you dress like that you're asking for it

this is so we can

say what we want without fear of retaliation
do what we want without fear of criticism
go where we want without fear of violence

when this is what we know

"taught from their infancy that beauty is a womans sceptre, the mind shapes itself to the body, and roaming round it's gilt cage, only seeks to adorn it's prison"
mary wollstonecroft

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