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free me from misogynism!

can't i go anywhere, can't i do anything, without being exposed to images and descriptions of women being inferior to men, women being taken advantage of by men, women's purpose for men suggested to be sexual objects to be looked at and taken? i get SO TIRED OF IT.

this morning on the way to work, i was listening to the radio, and i heard two commercials back to back that made me want to scream.

the first was for mcdonald's. a man was talking, saying that he was going to head to "mickey d's" after work today, because anything they had was better than his wife's leftovers. thanks, mcdonald's, for disparaging the unpaid work that women are just expected to do every day. it's unpaid, it's thankless, and now it's not even as tasty as fast food.

the second was for molson beer. they've had a series of commercials that have pissed me off lately, and this latest one really got me steamed. (previous commercials have involved a bunch of women being read a "bedtime story" by one man, and the women sound all sexual, frisky, and state innuendos about what they are going to do with each other and the man...) this commercial practically endorsed date rape. there was a male announcer, saying that there are "friends" and there are "friends" and he is going to explain the difference between these, because molson beer helps create the latter kind. of the former kind, these "friends" will play ping pong or have dinner together, and the woman of this pair of "friends" sounds extremely bored. of the latter kind of "friends," the woman and her "friend" play "doctor" instead of ping pong, and the woman says in a very seductive voice, "doctor, i am feeling very hot, maybe you can take my temperature..." later, the woman and her "friend" have breakfast instead of dinner, and the woman, again in a seductive voice, says "oooooh, scrambled eggs," and her male "friend" replies, "and my famous sausage!" and the woman giggles and says, "ooooh..." in a very sexually interested tone of voice. then the male announcer again stressed that molson is intended to turn "friends" into "friends". i guess that just proves the old "truism"... get a few beers into a woman, any woman, hey especially one who trusts you to just be her "friend," and she will turn into a sexual animal! or at least someone who wants to have sex with the likes of you, you horny man....

it was just too much for me this morning to hear these two commercials in a row...
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Exactly why I rarely listen to broadcast anything anymore. I have better things for my eyes and ears to absorb. I figure society is only getting worse in that regard, so I am simply withdrawing myself from those aspects of it.
i should listen to npr or to CDs more, it's true. but with my unfortunately long drive to and from work, i've got to listen to something or i go crazy.